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Tex Thomas at Sagebrush

July 6

Tex Thomas and his Danglin’ Wranglers will be at the Sagebrush in Austin, Texas from 7-9 pm for a very special evening hosted by our friend Ian Stewart. Special guests include Georgia Parker and Jake Penrod. See below for more details.

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With Tex Thomas and his Danglin’ Wranglers

Saturday July 6, 2024

Sagebrush Presents Dare to Dangle: Hosted by Ian Stewart

From Ian: I’m putting on a show at the @sagebrushtexas that I want to tell you about. I’ll be performing and hosting a benefit for one of my favorite songwriters and human beings, the Rawhide Messiah himself, Mr. Harvey Young (@texandpatti).

So you’ve never heard of Tex Thomas and His Danglin’ Wranglers? Thats alright. A lot of folks haven’t. Hell, I cant say I know them myself. I never went to @huts_burger on a Sunday night for ‘church’ in the dog days of an 80s Austin Texas, it was before my time. But ask any old timer south of the river about Tex and they’ll all tell you the same thing, ‘you should have been there’. What we’ve got left are some great records that would work nicely as an AED for a one eyed mule (-K -I-C-K-I-N’-) and stories that grow taller with each ring of the oak trees.

I met Harvey back around 2014. @daniellevin2819 introduced us. I was green as could be. But they gave me a chance and I would play Guerros with them once a month (and Jovitas before, you know, they found the skeletons).There I got an education in playing with a band and what it means to draw a note from your heart and soul. Its during that time that I fell in love with Harvey’s music and learned how to dangle.

So come say ‘Howdy’. Bring a friend. Bring your dancin shoes. Not the good ones, the pair you dont mind gettin scuffed up a bit. Bring a pocket full of silver and an open mind. Buy a drink. and if you start listening to the words, well, you’ll be glad you had it. Its sobering stuff. Harvey will be there. And he’d be glad to see ya. Buy a CD. Buy two. Maybe they’ll cut you a deal on the third. Get a bumper sticker for that time you daydreamed your way into the garden gate. Put a dollar in the tip jar. Why not make it $10? Its a benefit after all. Mostly I just want you to come and experience the music. Harvey is one of a kind. They dont make em like him anymore. And as for Tex, lets just say they couldn’t handle a second comin’ of the Rawhide Messiah. So come on out. See what all the fuss is about. I dare ya.

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Posters from the Past

We were very lucky to have amazing creatives in our corner. Many thanks go to Lynn Rich, Julie Speed, Micael Priest (whose artwork you see throughout the site), and Nels Jacobson.

Hut’s Sundays

Artwork by Nel Jacobson

Austin Blues & Heritage Festival, 1982

At Auditorium Shores

The Rawhide Messiah

By Micael Priest


Tex Thomas And The Swinging Richards, 2012

Hut’s Drive-In

Artwork by Nel Jacobson

Punkin’ Stomp

Halloween with Chris and The Wheel

Roadhouse Cafe


The Continental Club

Tribute to Xalepeno Charlie

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