The Music

by Tex Thomas & his Danglin’ Wranglers

The band’s first album, released in 1983, featuring Johnny Nicholas, Joe Ely, Chris O’Connell, Lee Parks, RC Banks, Dick Gimble, Lucky Oceans, Danny Levin and so many more.

by Tex Thomas & his Danglin’ Wranglers

Released in 1990 to make the Austin Chronicle’s list for Best Albums of the Year, featuring Erik Hokkanen, Dale Dennis, Sarah Brown, Jon Blondell, Barry “Frosty” Smith, Robert Atwood, Lucky Oceans, and Danny Levin.

by Harvey Thomas Young

Harvey’s only one-off was produced with Mapleshade Records, this album features music legends “Blue” Lou Marini, Larry Willis, and Junior Brown.

by H.T. Young

This comeback album includes new and OG members of the Danglin’ Wranglers and features artists like The Hancocks, Emily Gimble, and Joe Pug.

Complete Discography

1984 Harvey Thomas Young, Dare to Dangle, (Vocals/Guitar/Composer), Penny’s From Heaven Records

1980 Asleep at the Wheel, Framed, (Composer), MCA Records

1985 Asleep at the Wheel, Asleep at the Wheel, (Composer), MCA Records

1990 Harvey Thomas Young, Screaming In The Night, (Vocals, Guitar, Composer), Penny’s From Heaven Records

1995 Harvey Thomas Young, Highways of Gold, (Vocals/Guitar/Composer), Penny’s From Heaven Records

2000 Blaze Foley, BFI Too: Blaze a Blaze, (Vocals/ Guitar), Deep South Productions

2004 Various, 13 Shades of Blue: Best of Mapleshade Vol. 2, (Vocals/Composer), Mapleshade Records

2006 Various, If I Could Only Fly: A Tribute to Blaze Foley, (Vocals/Guitar), BongoBeat Records

2010 Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble, Drivin’ South, Recorded Live at Fitzgerald’s Club in 1981, Uxbridge

2012 Joe Pug, The Great Despiser, (Composer), Lightning Rod Records

2012 Lissa Hattersley, How I Spent My Summer Vacation, (Composer), Kimbark Road Records

2014 Harvey Thomas Young, More Than We Was, (Vocals/Guitar/Composer), Penny’s From Heaven Records

The Danglin’ Wranglers, circa 1981

The Danglin’ Wranglers were a staple every Sunday Night at the infamous Hut’s Hamburgers on 6th street during the rise of the Austin, Texas music scene in the ’80s-90s. Pictured left to right, top to bottom: Dale Dennis, Barry “Frosty” Smith, Robert Atwood, Jon Blondell, Tex Thomas, Danny Levin. Photo credit to Chuck Gist.

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