The Danglin’ Wranglers

Tex and his Danglin’ Wranglers have been a regular – and at times legendary – presence in Austin since 1981. These days the band looks a little different. A little grayer. A little softer. And some of the “band kids” have grown to become band members.
But the music never stopped.

Band Poster Art by Nels Jacobson
Pictured top to bottom, left to right: Robert Atwood, Jon Blondell, Danny Levin, Sarah Brown, Tex Thomas, Frosty Smith, and kids. Photo Credit: Niles Fuller

Through The Years

Tex has had the honor of performing with a wide range of artists from the Texas music scene. They’re all Danglin’ Wranglers. Good luck learning the true meaning of the inside joke that started it all.

RC Banks deserves an honorary award for playing with Harvey since their teens running the streets of Lubbock, Texas in the 70s.

Danny Levin, the composer of much of the Tex Thomas music collection and Harvey’s partner in the music industry for 40 years, stood the test of time on stage with the Danglin’ Wranglers since its inception. Danny and Harvey first met working with Asleep at the Wheel in the early 80s. They’ve since written, composed, and performed hundreds of songs together.

Tex and his Danglin’ Wranglers made their mark in Austin during the rise of the Texas music scene when artists like Stevie Ray Vaughan became a household name. Their regular Sunday night gig at Hut’s Hamburgers was church for other artists in the industry and fans in the know.

The band performed at now-iconic events and venues like Austin City Limits, the Austin Blues Festival, the Continental Club, Antones, and Liberty Lunch.

We’ve also suffered the loss of dear members, like Dale Dennis and Barry “Frosty” Smith, and too many friends.

In recent years, the band played at Gueros Taco Bar on South Congress for another ten-year stint with rising talents like Ian Stewart, Gabriel Rhodes, and Zeke Jarmon. In 2022, Tex was forced to retire his station due to health concerns. But you can still find a crew of Danglin’ Wranglers at the Young homestead jamming out about once a week.

Harvey is still writing music. Danny is still composing. And the rest, may God bless them for their days/nights/years spent as a Danglin’ Wrangler.

Thank You to all the Danglin’ Wranglers

And everyone who supported us along the way

Sarah Brown
Cliff Hargrove
Jon Blondell
Zeke Jarmon

Mike Carraway
Junior Brown
Robert Atwood
RC Banks
Zeke Jarmon
Alan Banks
Gabriel Rhodes
Erik Hokkanen

Jimmy Day
Lloyd Maines
Junior Brown

Danny Levin
Ian Stewart
Sadie Wolfe
Erik Hokkanen

Joel Guzman
RC Banks

Danny Levin

Michael Frances
Jeff Barnes
Jon Blondell
Ed Vizard
Tomas Ramirez
Kaz Kazzanoff

David Novak
George Raines
Steve Schwelling
Wes Starr
Barry “Frosty” Smith

Charlene Hancock
Tommy Hancock
Conni Hancock
Alice Spencer
Emily Gimble
Joe Pug
Ian Stewart
Chris O’Connell

Stuart Sullivan
Houston White
Stan Coppinger
Ed Quinn
Vince McGarry

Barry Underwood

Houston White
Billy Bell

Scott Newton
Bob Zink
Niles Fuller
Chuck Gist
Debra Stewart

Lynn Rich
Julie Speed
Micael Priest
Nels Jacobson

Casey Monahan
Cash Edwards

Hutch and Kim Hutchinson
Chuck and Jan Gist
Larry Smith
Roger One Knite
Steve Wortheimer
Rob and Cathy Lippincott

You lose your love and your heart will fall apart. You lose your light and it seems so hard. And the darkest night makes a man lose sight, of the way that we were when we were settin’ the world on fire.

Bad Times and Heartaches

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